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Corporate Groups

Client Loyalty &
Team Building Experiences

Elevate your team with unforgettable fishing experiences in the stunning Florida Keys. Our unique offerings blend the thrill of fishing, team bonding, and outdoor adventure. Strengthen teamwork, foster camaraderie, and make a lasting impact on your corporate group. Valuing your clients is key to nurturing enduring relationships.


Experience world-class fishing with Bahia Honda Sporting Club. Book now and benefit from our years of expertise.

Fishing Challenges

Ignite your team's spirit with exhilarating fishing challenges that elevate skills and encourage collaboration. From casting competitions to landing monumental catches, our challenges inspire friendly competition and teamwork. Our seasoned fishing guides will offer expert instruction and unwavering support throughout the activities.

Group Competitions

Embrace the thrill of team-based fishing competitions. Foster teamwork, strategic thinking, and friendly rivalry as multiple teams vie for victory. Exciting prizes await the winning team, adding an extra element of excitement.

Outdoor Adventures

Explore more than fishing – delve into a variety of outdoor adventures to enhance your team-building experience. Kayak, snorkel, spearfish, or embark on Eco-tours through the stunning Florida Keys. Unite your team amid the beauty of nature.

Customized Experiences

Tailored for you - we understand your corporate group's uniqueness. Customize the experience to match your goals, budget, and schedule. Our team collaborates closely with you for a perfect fit. Small team or large group, we've got you covered. 


Welcome to Bahia Honda Sporting Club, where we specialize in Tarpon fishing experiences, tailored to your individual needs at our all-inclusive, luxurious fishing lodge. 

Our team of experienced fishing guides is here to help you reel in the biggest catch of your life. Come join us and discover why we are the go-to destination for avid fishing enthusiasts.

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